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[After working extremely hard managing all the student exams he's just plain tired and not a little skeptical about the field trip.]

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Who else is being roped into the field trip . . . don't you think we should have a strategy this time?  It's not like we can give them detention when it's the end of the year.

[Fussy as usual.]


Don't screw off on the field trip; you just end up looking like idiots.

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You must have missed the last trip.

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Yes. Should I be concerned?


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Watchful is a better word.


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Students wandering off on their own in the middle of the night, that sort of thing.

[Honestly, he doesn't care all that much, he just doesn't want to catch flack for being the chaperone who slept through it all.]

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Dumbledore did mention something...I figured my duties wouldn't start for at least a few days, but I think he wants me to go on this...field trip. Stonehenge? Well, I've never been, so perhaps it won't be a complete waste.

And hopefully no one will manage to get hurt.


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I think we all learned our lesson, Professor.

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Why don't I believe you.

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Everyone will be expecting us to do something bad again. It would be really stupid if we actually did.

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You want to be unpredictable, I think. It's good for the mind.

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Somehow I just don't buy that.

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What could we possibly do at stone henge?

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Oh wow, you really think so?

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I know so.

. . . which is why I've said what I said.

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I'm really glad you... know so, professor.

It means a lot.

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So I know you'll find a way to make trouble.

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Watch professor, you'll be very surprised. And no mustaches this time, alright?

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. . . it was you, wasn't it?

[This is just wild speculation, although it makes sense.]

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I didn't say that at all. I just thought, maybe you should sleep so casually while you're chaperoning.

Honestly, I thought you looked really fetching.

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[And she draws a heart with a curly mustache right here.]

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[Frowning, and then he closes his journal.]

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you realiize thii2 ii2 already a 24/7 thiing riight.

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I'm not supposed to accept that.

[But he probably has already.]

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riight, teacher and all that, have fun on the triip.

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I feel like you don't trust us.

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Imagine that.

[He wasn't usually sarcastic, but come on.]
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I suppose you could confine them to their tents if they do anything... too outlandish. But that could just end with them taking the last day to go wild... [ Haven't missed that. ]


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. . . that would be tempting, for at night. . .

[Is he seriously considering it. . . probably not. He can't care enough.]
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It's really just a quick charm. Taking away privileges doesn't make you very popular, but neither does taking away points, for that matter.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, either way.

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. . . so how was time away?

[Asking politely. . .]
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Not too bad. I spent most of it travelling, since I have a thing against basically all forms of transportation. Lots of... walking. But the scenery was beautiful.

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Sure wouldn't mind going away like that.
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Well, it was sort of a family-related issue, so it's not like I went on vacation. But at least now the break is coming up, right? Plenty of time to take it easy.


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I see.

[Yeah family can be such a drag.]

If you're able to, I guess.

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xD never fear!

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I'm afraid I don't have much at all planned for this summer.