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23 - Summer Holidays

 [He's worried enough that Thijs isn't going to worry about being polite.  It's also pretty rare for him to write something during the summer holiday.]

It might not be my place to say, but I hope none of you are doing anything reckless.

The recent news is upsetting; try to watch out for yourselves.

[ooc:  Still technically on a hiatus/slowatus so replies might be delayed.]

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It certainly is your place to say that, professor.

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Jules. Enjoying post-graduation?

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As much as can be expected, what with everything going on in the news lately.

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It's hard when things can look so bleak.

[He completely understands.]

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Mmm, all of our decisions have to be made with our own safety in mind.

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Mmm. So what are your plans now that you're all finished up?

[The inevitable question. . .]

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Oh, this and that. Nothing can be said for sure, at this point.

...I may be coming back to Hogwarts, though.

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You should give us more credit, professor!

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I've been really quiet this summer. I think my friends are all still alive.

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I'm a perfect angel.

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You aren't even close to one.

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I didn't do anything.