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24 - Back to School


This is a reminder to all students that Herbology is a required class for years 1-5.  Even if it's not your area of speciality, I expect to see you putting your all into homework and labs.

Those who are continuing in OWL and NEWT levels have a meeting with me the first morning of school.  You should have already received your specialized equipment lists, but if you somehow haven't please contact me immediately.

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What's the meeting about?

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You're at a new level now.

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[This is gonna suck this is gonna suck this is gonna suck.]


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[Wow can't you give him a little more credit.]

You've decided to continue on; now you can really study Herbology.

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[He's just lazy and doesn't like hard classes, okay.]

That sounds...brilliant.

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[Man up.]

You'll be impressed with the plants.

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Are there a lot of biting ones?

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Wow, this is so serious.

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There's nothing serious about it.