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Thijs van der Tulp ([personal profile] vandertulp) wrote2011-01-28 04:31 pm

[Sorting Hat 11] House Points and lab hours

I'm obliged to those who helped with the rabbits; they're all sound and the new hutch has been suitably charmed to prevent them chewing through again.

Keep forgetting they're so intelligent sometimes.

Those who gave help in searching will be rewarded House Points, 5 each.  I'm sure that I know who you are, but if you suspect I might have overlooked your effort please leave your name.  I'll know if you are lying and you'll lose 10 House Points.

As it's Friday, this is also a reminder that there are classroom work hours, and the greenhouses will be open.  I've already told you who you are so I expect those who need to make more effort to show up and improve their marks.

[Best honest now.  The students he has are Alfred, Sana, Souji, and Tamaki.  Any others who might have helped search need to leave their names.]

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Sir, yes sir! I looked in all of the small places! And some of the big ones, too!

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I'm glad you were able to find them all, Professor. I was really worried!