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[Sorting Hat 13] Always the plants. Also html fail /sob

[So after getting back late after the weekend with the other staff, Thijs doesn't really have a Happy Valentine's Day at all.  The plants are much, much more aggressive today, and after both harassing and being harassed by them enough he's cancelling classes. A person can only cast so many charms to keep them at bay!  It also doesn't help that the Tentaculas' idea of affection is about the same as an adolescent boy's, so they've been playing pranks, messing up the classrooms, and taking Thijs' things all day.  They've also managed to get a good hold on most of the doors.]

There are NO Herbology classes today or for the rest of the week.  Again, absolutely no Herbology classes, this applies to all years, all houses. 

DO NOT come to the greenhouses or even be in the near vicinity.  

Classes will resume wh----

[And the ink runs off rather ominously but really, it's just the plants.  Hey, he needs that journal, you stupid vine.  Now for another tug-o-war; and the students and staff probably won't be seeing him for a few days.]

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Professor? Professor, what's wrong?! I'm gonna come and save you!

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[Don't you listen at all is what he'd say if he wasn't trying to wrestle his journal away from a tentacula.]


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[NO SHE DOES NOT which is why she appears in the greenhouse about ten minutes later.]



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[Okay, one, how did you get in, kid. And two, why are you you here? Thijs is currently hitting at a tentacula with his journal, which he's finally wrestled away from the plant, and now it keeps trying to get closer.]


[Just a little speechless at the presence of Sana, here.]

What did I say?!

[And that look he's giving now is a bit poisonous.]


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[Following directions is overrated, okay?!]

You said you were in danger! [, he didn't. Cool kids draw silly conclusions.] So I came to rescue you!

[She brandishes a rake that she grabbed on the way there.]

Lemme at 'em!


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[Oh my gosh. Thijs is going to take that rake away a bit violently. Do not hurt his plants, even if they're being bothersome.]

I said nothing at all like that!

They're only more active than usual. . .

[Or, that was his best explanation. In fact, they seem to keep wanting to be near to him, something that he'd find endearing if it weren't so odd. One of the tentacula gives Sana a curious poke.]


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[B-but professor, she was saving your life... :c]

Plants aren't alive! At least not like that!

[She jumps when she's poked and latches onto Thijs, honstly a bit scared by this... plant hyperactivity.]

Professor, what did you do?!


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Hey . . . !

[What is this, even; uncomfortable, he detaches Sana a bit carefully with a hand to her shoulder, then shoos the tentacula away with his hand as he edges a bit further away from it with Sana in tow. The tendril curls a bit - like they do when they're agitated, he noted - and he edges away even more. ]

Don't assume it's something I did!

[He wouldn't mess with them, he knows how temperamental they can be; He flinches as one of the biggest plants seems to be petting his hair.] ]


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But they're your plants. I thought you knew everything about them!

[She really thought he did! It's kind of disappointing when grown-ups aren't perfect. At least being this close to him is pretty reassuring.]

Does that mean you don't know how to handle 'em now either?

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Oh wow, Professor. Bummer.

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[He's managed to get his journal back, and he's holed up in one of the other professors' offices for now.]

You can't tell me you aren't happy to not have class.

[It's just slightly teasing, though it doesn't really come across in writing.]

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Oh no, professor! Herbology is lovely, really!

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Oh yeah? So what's your favorite plant to study?

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Wow, well, [inkblots and small pause.].

Mandrakes. They remind me of my baby brother, Rueben.

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. . . I'm far more disturbed by that then amused.

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Are you alright, sir? What's wrong with the greenhouses?

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[There's quite a bit of time before he can write back, but eventually he can, once in the safety of a classroom without tentacula.]

The plants are only particularly mischievous today, I suppose.

[He doesn't really know what's happening in the rest of the castle.]

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I can't say I'm not glad... Are you all right, professor...?

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[A long pause, and then]

Nothing worrying; just do as you've been told.

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O-okay, but...those plants look like they're attacking you...

don't you kids listen /grump

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. . . how would you know that unless you're in the greenhouse wing after I told you not to be there.


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I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was worried and I went down to look and I saw them through the windo--

[A loud, frightened squeal can be heard.]

Figures. /hmph [action]

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[With a curse, Thijs snatches his wand up and heads back into the classrooms, still in his rather dirty tan greenhouse overcoat. Immediately he casts few spells; diffindo, and the slowing spells. While they had been quietly antsy this morning, as the day went on the Tentacula were definitely becoming more aggressive.

Now where was that kid; honestly if he had to break out the antidotes...]


They exist to make teachers' lives hard. [action]

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[Not long after the squeal is the sound of breaking pottery then the very distinct wailing cry of a Mandrake. Tsuna was surprised by one of those Tentacula and had accidentally knocked over a pot in the process, freeing the Mandrake. Tsuna is now huddled on the floor, hands over his ears in a vain attempt to block out the noise.]


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[As soon as he heard the glass break Thijs knew something would go very wrong. The direction of the classroom. . . as if on queue, he heard the distant shrieking of the Mandrake. There were a few walls between him and the plant, yet still his head hurt and he felt dizzy, near to passing out as he hunted fruitlessly for some ear-mufflers before resorting to a deafening charm. After a muttered spell, all Thijs was hearing was a quiet droning in his ears.

Opening the classroom door forcefully (the tentacula were so troublesome!), Thijs immediately seized upon a pair of ear-mufflers, dropping to the floor and putting them firmly over Tsuna's ears before taking the boy's arm and hauling him out of the classroom.

As a final move, he roughly potted the Mandrake again, being none too gentle. Those things were just creepy! He closed the classroom door loudly behind him; Tsuna was going to get a rather threatning glower from Thijs while the TA's hearing returned, and Thijs gently tapped at the side of his head with his wand to hurry it along. It could be a dangerous charm, but it was better than risking the Mandrakes. They weren't as young as they were at the beginning of the year, after all.]


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[Tsuna didn't see the glare at first, as his ears were still ringing and his head still throbbing painfully from the discordant shrieking. Tears unconsciously squeezed themselves from the corners of his eyes as he fought back the pain and the urge to faint then and there. He had always feared stepping into the greenhouses because there was the high chance he would disturb something lying dormant in one of the many earthy beds - and that was exactly what had happened just now.

When he felt he had sufficiently recovered, he looked up and the beginnings of an apology quickly turned into a little squeak when he saw the TA looming over him.]



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["msorryI'msorry---!" Oh yes, now he could hear properly again, though there was a slight ringing that was sure to go away. Thijs rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a sigh at the same time. He stepped over and tugged the ear-muffs off Tsuna's head. What was he supposed to do? Pat him, say it was okay? The kid nearly got himself killed by being dumb and disobedient.]

You'll be back to repair the pot, be sure about that. The mandrakes don't like the temporary ones.

[Have a hand up, but he's not exactly looking at Tsuna despite the offer. ]


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[Overwhelming guilt kept Tsuna's head down as the professor helped him up. As much as he really, really didn't want to come back to deal with the mandrake, he nodded silently and obediently.]

S-sorry, professor...

[action] younger sibling icon works in all cases

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[Sigh. If you start crying or something he's just going to walk away. Instead, have a pat on the shoulder. ]

No lasting harm.

Now scram.

[action] Ngaaaw :D

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[No, no. No crying. Tsuna is tough! Not really. He glances at the broken pot then back to the professor.]

I'll, um, see you soon then, professor.

[He gives Thijs a weak smile then nervously backs away, careful not to trip over or bump into anything else before dashing out of the greenhouse.]


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[All Tsuna is going to get from Thijs is a lifted brow along with that serious expression; it isn't until after he's gone that he gives his head a little shake, and there is a slight smirk there as well. Why were all his students so, so...he stopped that train of thought as he heard a few more pots breaking, and some more mandrake cries. Since when were the tentacula such fast learners...damn those plants, damn them...he goes to take care of it.