vandertulp: (-hnnngh-)
Thijs van der Tulp ([personal profile] vandertulp) wrote2011-02-14 06:15 pm

[Sorting Hat 13] Always the plants. Also html fail /sob

[So after getting back late after the weekend with the other staff, Thijs doesn't really have a Happy Valentine's Day at all.  The plants are much, much more aggressive today, and after both harassing and being harassed by them enough he's cancelling classes. A person can only cast so many charms to keep them at bay!  It also doesn't help that the Tentaculas' idea of affection is about the same as an adolescent boy's, so they've been playing pranks, messing up the classrooms, and taking Thijs' things all day.  They've also managed to get a good hold on most of the doors.]

There are NO Herbology classes today or for the rest of the week.  Again, absolutely no Herbology classes, this applies to all years, all houses. 

DO NOT come to the greenhouses or even be in the near vicinity.  

Classes will resume wh----

[And the ink runs off rather ominously but really, it's just the plants.  Hey, he needs that journal, you stupid vine.  Now for another tug-o-war; and the students and staff probably won't be seeing him for a few days.]

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