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Thijs van der Tulp ([personal profile] vandertulp) wrote2011-02-21 11:06 am

[Sorting Hat 14] Cleaning.

In light of our headmaster's announcement, this is a reminder for all students.

Whether you simply want to practise, or whether I need to give you some task, there is always work to be done in the greenhouses and classrooms. [sigh.]

The potential for house points is never-ending, really.

[ooc: Whether they want to just work, or whether they want to wash the windows, weed, feed the bunnies, whatever they'd like, all students are welcome. ]

this is ironic XD

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Do you? Tell me when.

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Later in the afternoon is probably better. Bring your gloves!

want to do this in the classes log?

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Sure thing!

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Of course.

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What sort of work? I could use something to do; not much has been happening lately.

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Eh, nothing really more fascinating than cleaning and re-potting, going through the tools, odds and ends like that.

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Really? Can I play help with your bunnies?

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I suppose the hutch could be cleaned.

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That's less cute than I hoped for, but I'll still do it! When's a good time, Professor?

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They're worth the work, you know.

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Of course they are. I was just hoping for a chore like... bunny exercise, or bunny hugs. But I don't mind cleaning.

ahaha so cute

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[....bunny hugs is his job though.]

I suppose, if you're really watchful, that is, you could take them to the garden plot. Not all at once, but...they do like to get out.

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[Souji would like to apply for the position of Assistant Bunny Hugger.]

I can be very watchful! I'd love to do that if you'll let me, I'll make sure nothing happens to them.

I'll clean the hutch too, though.

So do you want to do this in the class logs...?

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[A resume, 3 references, and a DNA background check, please. Overprotectiveness a plus.]

Come on a warm day, then.

[And he'll be putting a charmed bunny barrier around the garden plot just in case.]

Yup, I'll tag in there!

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Yes, sir!