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[Sorting Hat 15] House Points

Thanks to those who have been helping in the greenhouses. I'll award you each 15 points. That makes 30 points for Hufflepuff and 15 for Ravenclaw.

For the rest of you; the offer still stands, but only if you aren't afraid to get a bit dirty.

[filtered to Tsuna.]

The mandrake pot is working fine.

[which is his way of saying, 'nice job kid and try not to hurt yourself'.]

[ooc: These points go to Jade and Souji (for the bunnies) and Tsuna; in these threads]

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Thanks for letting me help out! I'll do it again sometime if you ever need more help. Your bunnies are so cute, Professor.

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Sure, if you do a good job like that.

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I'll be sure to do a good job every time, don't worry.

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Do you have set times for these extra credit activities?

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Not at all. Just gotta let me know first and I'll give you a job.

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Very well.

What kinds of jobs are there? I was hoping to get some extra work in towards my NEWTs.

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[Well he's managed to tidy things up from Valentine's day, and he keeps a very neat greenhouse, but . . . ]

There are some things that could be better cataloged. Books and things. . . and then also when the weather gets warmer I need to completely clear out greenhouse 5 and 6. Everything in them needs to be moved.

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[Hm... the cleaning probably would be a good way to get exposure to the plants in question. Cataloging books, however... well, if he wasn't reading them, he really wasn't sure just what that would bring other than house points and extra credit. He was looking for something a little more productive.]

Then I will help with the cleaning come spring if that's alright with you, Professor.

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I'll put you on my list.

[The one he keeps in his head, which is so-so reliable]

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Thank you, Professor.

[Don't worry. Tieria won't forget. He'll ask if he doesn't hear back by the time spring starts.]

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Wow, Professor. I'd love to help, but should you really be letting so many students into the greenhouses? There might be dangerous things.

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[Well aren't you just the funniest girl. Ha. Ha. Ha. ]

It's not dangerous for students who do as their told.

This entry is for students who actually want to help in the greenhouses, you know.

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Oh wow, then that's perfect! I'd love to help sometime.

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I'll stop buy during lunch sometime.

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I'll find something for you to do, then.