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[Sorting Hat 16] Strung out. [text]

Desperately . . . trying to remember if I signed up for the field trip.

I don't think I-- [a long pause; the longest.]


I did.


[Somebody forgot he signed up to chaperone on the field trip. After a long day yesterday, Thijs was high out of his skull until the wee hours of the morning. Naturally he didn't sleep at all, only to discover he did have somewhere to be in the morning.

All he really wants to do is pass out right now, so the field trip is bound to be a great time.

Students will just notice he seems unusually slow today, much grumpier, and can't seem to drink enough water or stop rubbing at his eyes. ]

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Are you sure? You did forget you were chaperoning. Memory loss is no joke.

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[Yes well if he were in his best mind he wouldn't have written anything at all.]

It's possible to forget things sometimes.

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Oh, right. I'm sure I'll see you at the zoo then.

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Some of the animals can be a little loud, so you might want to be careful, yeah?

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What's that supposed to mean?

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If you have a headache, or something.

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It's so great to see you students being so considerate.

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You know me, Professor.

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Unfortunately I do, you're right.


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I can whip you up something for that.

How does he know what's wrong pfft

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. . . for what?

FFF i'm sorry! ;A; i thought it was obvious he was sick -- not like anything bad just sick

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You have a cold, right?

a;sjf oh okay that makes sense. OTL

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I don't, no.

Thanks for offering.

f-ffdskhkj sorry again

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Are you sure? I've always thought a nice energy drink with an egg base helps with lethargy.

no man my bad o/

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. . . you'd make it?

[laziest ever.]

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Well, yes. I can't trust you to very well make it, now can I?

[He is the best cook, it is him. Every bow down!!!!]

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[Well he could really use. . . something. If this is the next best thing to 10 hours of sleep, so be it. The cooking comment goes right over his head for the moment.]

I'll come see you.

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Perhaps it would be best if you stayed behind. It wouldn't do well if we had a chaperon who couldn't even keep up with the students.

[private] Scary. . .

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I'm fine, really. Sir.

[He's impervious to subtlety right now.]


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Perhaps I could make you a little pick me up. Just a little something to get you through the day.


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That's- that's very kind.

[He wasn't sure if he trusted Professor Crane, but then again he was a Hogwarts potions professor. What could he really do?]

Should I meet you somewhere?

[ooc: . . . so what will he give him.]

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Something wrong, professor...?

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You sound tired though.

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Thanks for your concern but it's nothing.

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If you say so...

If you fall asleep on the way there though, would we have to carry you?

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I'm not intending to fall aslseep, Tsuna.

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Professor you spelled 'asleep' wrong. I think you are tired~

oh rofl I didn't even notice. We were both sleepy, I think.

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aslseep asleep,

[He fixes it.]


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Go to bed early next time, okay?

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[So many things he could say here, but. . .]

Yeah. . .

[He's rolling his eyes.]