vandertulp: (Default)
Thijs van der Tulp ([personal profile] vandertulp) wrote2011-03-26 10:21 am

[Sorting Hat 16] Strung out. [text]

Desperately . . . trying to remember if I signed up for the field trip.

I don't think I-- [a long pause; the longest.]


I did.


[Somebody forgot he signed up to chaperone on the field trip. After a long day yesterday, Thijs was high out of his skull until the wee hours of the morning. Naturally he didn't sleep at all, only to discover he did have somewhere to be in the morning.

All he really wants to do is pass out right now, so the field trip is bound to be a great time.

Students will just notice he seems unusually slow today, much grumpier, and can't seem to drink enough water or stop rubbing at his eyes. ]

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