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Thijs van der Tulp ([personal profile] vandertulp) wrote2011-03-29 11:46 pm

[Sorting Hat 17] - Nice one. [accidental voice, text]

[Only quiet. Then some unclear muttering.]

. . . it won't come OFF. Godver--

[Realizing the journal is open and slamming it closed.]

Schij--[slam. And then you get some text.]

Nice prank, children.

[That's right; the moustache Cassie drew on him while he was sleeping during the overnight field trip just won't come off all of the way.  If you've talked to Thijs recently, you can still see the faint outline of the ink on his face.]

[ooc :  posts for reference are
here and here.  Feel free to point it out to him on the Morning thread too. ]

Filtered ish.

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Don't you have some sort of dentention to be in?

Filtered ish.

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Just got out.

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Have you tried soap yet, Professor?

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Don't you start telling me what to try.

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But you should try it if you haven't.

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What do you think I've been trying?

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Wow, Professor. I don't know. You just sound distressed. I hope you fix it soon though, before your philtrum goes raw.
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oh i thought you were just tryin out somethin different with yer face...

Looked good, sir!

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i dont know sir...

Some people just like hair on their face, right?

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Yes, actual hair. Not ink.

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Try before ya buy?