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[filtered]Zus? It's important, Marijke.

Has anybody seen Marij-- Emmeline? Tell her I'm looking for her if you see her, please.

Stuck in the greenhouses today.

[Feeling a bit guilty over his sister's lack of parents for the parents' weekend, her brother is looking to spend some quality time. He's not even going to bicker today. Much.]

[ooc:  Sorry for posting it late but there's actually a thread for Herbology in the class log now.  It's right HERE. ]
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Since I have never posted one of these before for this character I'm not going to change the date.  Hope that's alright.

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[not bothering to filter because ugh]

Sorry that I missed the staff party.

 Was asleep.

[yes because he felt tired all day and right after classes Thijs crashed with a pretty nasty bug; he's feeling a bit better though, thanks to some helpful herbs.]
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Your assignments are due; late assignments will lose house points. So will incomplete work, for that matter. Just get it in so I don't have to wait for it; it's not like I'm assigning you anything over the Christmas holiday, so you have no excuse.

[see how decent he is? He's patting himself on the back for it, too.]

Incidentally, the Christmas spirit everybody is showing is really something!

[Which means he's laughing at you in private. Extensively.]

[ooc: You can turn your homework in here, on this post. ]
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Due to Professor Honda's unplanned absence, Thijs will be posting up homework assignments.


Year 1: You will continue to work on your toadstool diagrams. Remember that you've got to pick 10 that qualify as 'most common' and you must draw them keeping scale and colour in mind. Accuracy is important, along with 3 key features of each labeled. We've been doing them all along; if you haven't been doing your homework you have catching up to do. They are due this week.

Year 2: You're going to write 12 inches of parchment detailing proper care and harvesting of any of the herbs from your chapter reading. Don't skimp; you will need them in class.

Year 3:  You should remember that we talked about your lab in class and I handed out instructions.  You need to pass off both dragon dung fertilizing methods we discussed by demonstrating them to either Professor Honda or myself.  If you don't finish in class you must come to the lab or schedule a time with me so one of us can watch.

Year 4: You must absolutely be caught up in your chapter reading with the summaries complete. If you are not you'll have difficulty with the bobotubers. Anybody who forgets their gloves in class will lose house points.  

[Homework turn-in code:]

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[There's nothing but a big scorch across the page, and some prodigious cursing.]
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Why another dance. . .

[to [ profile] whatagood_boy  FUUMA dun touch his bb sis]

You won't be going to that dance if you think you're going with my sister.

[to [ profile] bezwerinkje  bb sis why do you do this to him ]

Don't go with him, sis. You could ask any other kid!
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You all grow up to be weirdos.

I'm not surprised.

[Insert here hiding some real devastation at the idea of losing both Professor Honda and his bb sis.
That future simply will never happen. He's going to watch you two like a hawk and YOU TOO TONIO YOU SPANISH FAILURE. And Gilbert he's never going to trust a word you say again.]


Marijke? Sis. . .
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[So after waking up in the greenhouses and have a heart to heart with his favorite dead professor and colleague. . .]

There's something really beyond strange going on here if even the dead are back with us. 

Still, if those dead have joined us in this odd reunion. . .

Hnn. . . [head still hurts because you know just a bit ago he was pretty sure he was going to be cursed into oblivion]

[and have some muttering in Dutch, along with the word 'zus'..]

[Yes that's right sis, he'll be looking for your ghost.]

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I do not want to repot these Mandrakes.  Can't you kiddies just deal?  Besides, the older they get the more damaging the scream is going to be!

Labs will start this week and anybody who doesn't have proper ear mufflers is getting a failing grade.

And several hours of unconsciousness.

. . . lightweights.


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