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Backdated to before the masquerade]

I was hoping that the accelerated growing lessons last year would have stuck with some of you, but they didn't.  The pumpkins are just pitiful.  

House points to anybody who comes in to help them grow before the masquerade.

Though, maybe if you don't come help you'll just fail. 


[Anybody who comes into the greenhouses will notice that all 4 of Thijs' rabbits have been dressed up for Halloween.]

[ooc:  Feel free to either reply to him or just have your character come into the greenhouses!]

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Thanks to those who have been helping in the greenhouses. I'll award you each 15 points. That makes 30 points for Hufflepuff and 15 for Ravenclaw.

For the rest of you; the offer still stands, but only if you aren't afraid to get a bit dirty.

[filtered to Tsuna.]

The mandrake pot is working fine.

[which is his way of saying, 'nice job kid and try not to hurt yourself'.]

[ooc: These points go to Jade and Souji (for the bunnies) and Tsuna; in these threads]
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In light of our headmaster's announcement, this is a reminder for all students.

Whether you simply want to practise, or whether I need to give you some task, there is always work to be done in the greenhouses and classrooms. [sigh.]

The potential for house points is never-ending, really.

[ooc: Whether they want to just work, or whether they want to wash the windows, weed, feed the bunnies, whatever they'd like, all students are welcome. ]
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I'm obliged to those who helped with the rabbits; they're all sound and the new hutch has been suitably charmed to prevent them chewing through again.

Keep forgetting they're so intelligent sometimes.

Those who gave help in searching will be rewarded House Points, 5 each.  I'm sure that I know who you are, but if you suspect I might have overlooked your effort please leave your name.  I'll know if you are lying and you'll lose 10 House Points.

As it's Friday, this is also a reminder that there are classroom work hours, and the greenhouses will be open.  I've already told you who you are so I expect those who need to make more effort to show up and improve their marks.

[Best honest now.  The students he has are Alfred, Sana, Souji, and Tamaki.  Any others who might have helped search need to leave their names.]


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