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This is a reminder to all students that Herbology is a required class for years 1-5.  Even if it's not your area of speciality, I expect to see you putting your all into homework and labs.

Those who are continuing in OWL and NEWT levels have a meeting with me the first morning of school.  You should have already received your specialized equipment lists, but if you somehow haven't please contact me immediately.
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[So after getting back late after the weekend with the other staff, Thijs doesn't really have a Happy Valentine's Day at all.  The plants are much, much more aggressive today, and after both harassing and being harassed by them enough he's cancelling classes. A person can only cast so many charms to keep them at bay!  It also doesn't help that the Tentaculas' idea of affection is about the same as an adolescent boy's, so they've been playing pranks, messing up the classrooms, and taking Thijs' things all day.  They've also managed to get a good hold on most of the doors.]

There are NO Herbology classes today or for the rest of the week.  Again, absolutely no Herbology classes, this applies to all years, all houses. 

DO NOT come to the greenhouses or even be in the near vicinity.  

Classes will resume wh----

[And the ink runs off rather ominously but really, it's just the plants.  Hey, he needs that journal, you stupid vine.  Now for another tug-o-war; and the students and staff probably won't be seeing him for a few days.]
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Due to Professor Honda's unplanned absence, Thijs will be posting up homework assignments.


Year 1: You will continue to work on your toadstool diagrams. Remember that you've got to pick 10 that qualify as 'most common' and you must draw them keeping scale and colour in mind. Accuracy is important, along with 3 key features of each labeled. We've been doing them all along; if you haven't been doing your homework you have catching up to do. They are due this week.

Year 2: You're going to write 12 inches of parchment detailing proper care and harvesting of any of the herbs from your chapter reading. Don't skimp; you will need them in class.

Year 3:  You should remember that we talked about your lab in class and I handed out instructions.  You need to pass off both dragon dung fertilizing methods we discussed by demonstrating them to either Professor Honda or myself.  If you don't finish in class you must come to the lab or schedule a time with me so one of us can watch.

Year 4: You must absolutely be caught up in your chapter reading with the summaries complete. If you are not you'll have difficulty with the bobotubers. Anybody who forgets their gloves in class will lose house points.  

[Homework turn-in code:]

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[There's nothing but a big scorch across the page, and some prodigious cursing.]


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