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Backdated to before the masquerade]

I was hoping that the accelerated growing lessons last year would have stuck with some of you, but they didn't.  The pumpkins are just pitiful.  

House points to anybody who comes in to help them grow before the masquerade.

Though, maybe if you don't come help you'll just fail. 


[Anybody who comes into the greenhouses will notice that all 4 of Thijs' rabbits have been dressed up for Halloween.]

[ooc:  Feel free to either reply to him or just have your character come into the greenhouses!]


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:09 am
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[After working extremely hard managing all the student exams he's just plain tired and not a little skeptical about the field trip.]

 [Filtered to staff]  

Who else is being roped into the field trip . . . don't you think we should have a strategy this time?  It's not like we can give them detention when it's the end of the year.

[Fussy as usual.]


Don't screw off on the field trip; you just end up looking like idiots.
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This is, once again, a reminder that the greenhouses will not be providing any equipment that you should already own.  Each level has their own supplies.  Exceptions to this rule must have made arrangements with me before the exam itself.

[And now, a lecture.]

One of the keys to Herbology is beforehand preparation; if you don't come with all of your equipment, or if equipment isn't in good shape, you will lose points.

We've been doing this all year; you guys should know this.
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[Only quiet. Then some unclear muttering.]

. . . it won't come OFF. Godver--

[Realizing the journal is open and slamming it closed.]

Schij--[slam. And then you get some text.]

Nice prank, children.

[That's right; the moustache Cassie drew on him while he was sleeping during the overnight field trip just won't come off all of the way.  If you've talked to Thijs recently, you can still see the faint outline of the ink on his face.]

[ooc :  posts for reference are
here and here.  Feel free to point it out to him on the Morning thread too. ]


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