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Backdated to before the masquerade]

I was hoping that the accelerated growing lessons last year would have stuck with some of you, but they didn't.  The pumpkins are just pitiful.  

House points to anybody who comes in to help them grow before the masquerade.

Though, maybe if you don't come help you'll just fail. 


[Anybody who comes into the greenhouses will notice that all 4 of Thijs' rabbits have been dressed up for Halloween.]

[ooc:  Feel free to either reply to him or just have your character come into the greenhouses!]

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 [He's worried enough that Thijs isn't going to worry about being polite.  It's also pretty rare for him to write something during the summer holiday.]

It might not be my place to say, but I hope none of you are doing anything reckless.

The recent news is upsetting; try to watch out for yourselves.

[ooc:  Still technically on a hiatus/slowatus so replies might be delayed.]
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[Yes, Thijs here keeps rabbits in the greenhouses. They keep him company and eat a good amount of veg. But right now . . .well, he's quite a bit more upset than he lets on that they seem to be missing.]

The rabbits are gone.

Please take care if you see them and either let me know or bring them to the greenhouses immediately.  I'll write you a late excuse if you are worried about being late to class.

I think the big orange ones -Aardappel and Pompoen- chewed the latch on the hutch. Both the big ones and the two small dwarf breeds; they're white.

Don't let me find out who left the door open in greenhouse four!

[And now you all get a very unhappy Thijs stalking the corridors.]

[ooc:  the big bunnies' names are Dutch for Sweet Potato and Pumpkin and they look like this.  Orange . . . ]


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