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          Herbology class sign ups.
          Years:  2nd - 5th
   Houses:  All

  Professor:  Thijs van der Tulp


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Backdated to before the masquerade]

I was hoping that the accelerated growing lessons last year would have stuck with some of you, but they didn't.  The pumpkins are just pitiful.  

House points to anybody who comes in to help them grow before the masquerade.

Though, maybe if you don't come help you'll just fail. 


[Anybody who comes into the greenhouses will notice that all 4 of Thijs' rabbits have been dressed up for Halloween.]

[ooc:  Feel free to either reply to him or just have your character come into the greenhouses!]

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This is a reminder to all students that Herbology is a required class for years 1-5.  Even if it's not your area of speciality, I expect to see you putting your all into homework and labs.

Those who are continuing in OWL and NEWT levels have a meeting with me the first morning of school.  You should have already received your specialized equipment lists, but if you somehow haven't please contact me immediately.
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 [He's worried enough that Thijs isn't going to worry about being polite.  It's also pretty rare for him to write something during the summer holiday.]

It might not be my place to say, but I hope none of you are doing anything reckless.

The recent news is upsetting; try to watch out for yourselves.

[ooc:  Still technically on a hiatus/slowatus so replies might be delayed.]


Jun. 14th, 2011 11:09 am
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[After working extremely hard managing all the student exams he's just plain tired and not a little skeptical about the field trip.]

 [Filtered to staff]  

Who else is being roped into the field trip . . . don't you think we should have a strategy this time?  It's not like we can give them detention when it's the end of the year.

[Fussy as usual.]


Don't screw off on the field trip; you just end up looking like idiots.
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This is, once again, a reminder that the greenhouses will not be providing any equipment that you should already own.  Each level has their own supplies.  Exceptions to this rule must have made arrangements with me before the exam itself.

[And now, a lecture.]

One of the keys to Herbology is beforehand preparation; if you don't come with all of your equipment, or if equipment isn't in good shape, you will lose points.

We've been doing this all year; you guys should know this.

[IC meme]

May. 20th, 2011 11:42 pm
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There are characters you really want to interact with but for some reason or another, you just can't do it. Maybe you can't find anyone that plays the x to your y. Maybe you know someone but they play in a different game than you. Or maybe you're not sure if it's okay to tag that one player. . . Here's a chance to get those interactions you've always wanted.

Mingle Meme
Just advertising this great meme.  It would be a fun way to test some CR or play something you've always wanted.

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All of the flowers won't stop telling me how hideous you all are.

At least, compared to them.

It's just what they said.

[Sky high.  After a long and frustrating conversation with his anti-wizarding mother about his younger siblings, Thijs just doesn't give a damn tonight.  Unfortunately though, he was too unhappy to follow the whole routine, which involves locking his journal away to avoid writing really blunt and/or ridiculous things.  Not to mention incriminating . . .  See above.

Oh, and he's locked the greenhouses, though it should be pretty easy to undo it with a spell.]

IC meme

May. 12th, 2011 06:43 pm
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(Pirate AU Meme.)

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[Heavily filtered to students]

Is there something wrong?  Some illness going around that none of you are telling your teachers about?  What's up.

[After all, he knows that nothing of his is missing, so he's wondering if maybe they've don't something else they shouldn't have.]

You should watch out for each other, you know.

[Nag nag nag.]

[Heavily filtered to TEACHERS]

The students seem pretty out of it lately.  It's not just me, right?
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[Only quiet. Then some unclear muttering.]

. . . it won't come OFF. Godver--

[Realizing the journal is open and slamming it closed.]

Schij--[slam. And then you get some text.]

Nice prank, children.

[That's right; the moustache Cassie drew on him while he was sleeping during the overnight field trip just won't come off all of the way.  If you've talked to Thijs recently, you can still see the faint outline of the ink on his face.]

[ooc :  posts for reference are
here and here.  Feel free to point it out to him on the Morning thread too. ]
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Desperately . . . trying to remember if I signed up for the field trip.

I don't think I-- [a long pause; the longest.]


I did.


[Somebody forgot he signed up to chaperone on the field trip. After a long day yesterday, Thijs was high out of his skull until the wee hours of the morning. Naturally he didn't sleep at all, only to discover he did have somewhere to be in the morning.

All he really wants to do is pass out right now, so the field trip is bound to be a great time.

Students will just notice he seems unusually slow today, much grumpier, and can't seem to drink enough water or stop rubbing at his eyes. ]
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I accidentally added half of you to my Denmark account instead of my Holland account.

I'm new to big games, okay. :'|

Please remove [ profile] yndigt_land as he is not part of this game. 8'(
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Thanks to those who have been helping in the greenhouses. I'll award you each 15 points. That makes 30 points for Hufflepuff and 15 for Ravenclaw.

For the rest of you; the offer still stands, but only if you aren't afraid to get a bit dirty.

[filtered to Tsuna.]

The mandrake pot is working fine.

[which is his way of saying, 'nice job kid and try not to hurt yourself'.]

[ooc: These points go to Jade and Souji (for the bunnies) and Tsuna; in these threads]
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In light of our headmaster's announcement, this is a reminder for all students.

Whether you simply want to practise, or whether I need to give you some task, there is always work to be done in the greenhouses and classrooms. [sigh.]

The potential for house points is never-ending, really.

[ooc: Whether they want to just work, or whether they want to wash the windows, weed, feed the bunnies, whatever they'd like, all students are welcome. ]
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[So after getting back late after the weekend with the other staff, Thijs doesn't really have a Happy Valentine's Day at all.  The plants are much, much more aggressive today, and after both harassing and being harassed by them enough he's cancelling classes. A person can only cast so many charms to keep them at bay!  It also doesn't help that the Tentaculas' idea of affection is about the same as an adolescent boy's, so they've been playing pranks, messing up the classrooms, and taking Thijs' things all day.  They've also managed to get a good hold on most of the doors.]

There are NO Herbology classes today or for the rest of the week.  Again, absolutely no Herbology classes, this applies to all years, all houses. 

DO NOT come to the greenhouses or even be in the near vicinity.  

Classes will resume wh----

[And the ink runs off rather ominously but really, it's just the plants.  Hey, he needs that journal, you stupid vine.  Now for another tug-o-war; and the students and staff probably won't be seeing him for a few days.]
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What's been done to my rabbits?!  They don't wear clothes!

How much more clear do I need to be?  Don't hold them when I'm not there!

They won't even look at me.  The carrots will be appreciated but they still seem really put out.  Pofftertje keeps chewing the ribbons.. .

[Reference this post]

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I'm obliged to those who helped with the rabbits; they're all sound and the new hutch has been suitably charmed to prevent them chewing through again.

Keep forgetting they're so intelligent sometimes.

Those who gave help in searching will be rewarded House Points, 5 each.  I'm sure that I know who you are, but if you suspect I might have overlooked your effort please leave your name.  I'll know if you are lying and you'll lose 10 House Points.

As it's Friday, this is also a reminder that there are classroom work hours, and the greenhouses will be open.  I've already told you who you are so I expect those who need to make more effort to show up and improve their marks.

[Best honest now.  The students he has are Alfred, Sana, Souji, and Tamaki.  Any others who might have helped search need to leave their names.]
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[Yes, Thijs here keeps rabbits in the greenhouses. They keep him company and eat a good amount of veg. But right now . . .well, he's quite a bit more upset than he lets on that they seem to be missing.]

The rabbits are gone.

Please take care if you see them and either let me know or bring them to the greenhouses immediately.  I'll write you a late excuse if you are worried about being late to class.

I think the big orange ones -Aardappel and Pompoen- chewed the latch on the hutch. Both the big ones and the two small dwarf breeds; they're white.

Don't let me find out who left the door open in greenhouse four!

[And now you all get a very unhappy Thijs stalking the corridors.]

[ooc:  the big bunnies' names are Dutch for Sweet Potato and Pumpkin and they look like this.  Orange . . . ]


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